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 Five Fashion Myths -Trust us, we know!

Gold is back!  Um, gold never left.  I keep a mental count in my head of how many times in a week I hear "Gold is back". When gold prices started to rise drastically in the 90's, gold accessories started sharing the spotlight with the much less expensive, silver.  Alas, gold prices are not coming back down in the near future, so we spend what we have to, in the name of fashion.  More important, the quality and price of gold filled and gold plated jewelry allows all of us to enjoy gold.  Still avoiding gold?  Consider it homework - Get some.

Don't mix gold with silver.  Oh boy.  If you are not mixing metals yet, try it.  It's liberating.  Gold and silver, brass and copper.  Mixing metals instantly updates your look.  Try mixing different sizes or lengths.  There are some great pieces available that mix metals for you. That's a good place to start.  You will come up with a mix that is uniquely you.

Tall women should not wear heels.  Gosh, doesn't that sound like something right out of the 1950's?  Those with a vertical advantage tend to slump over and hide their inches. Sound familiar?   Heels are less about adding height and more about fashion. Remember, keep your shoulders back and chin up.  If you fall in love with your height, then so will everyone else.   

Save the sparkle for evening.  Pleeeaaase.  Now, maybe a sequined dress is not appropriate for the board room, but pairing a beaded top with a pair of nice trousers or jeans is awesome.  Not up to the challenge yet?  Start small.  Try accessorizing with a little sparkle before 5PM.  Bracelets and earrings are easy,  A beautiful young professional woman once remarked to me that she, " loves the sequined top on the manequin, but I have no where to wear it."  Really?   If you love it, you'll wear it with confidence and look good. 

Don't wear white after Labor Day. Seriously?  I heard a customer comment to her shopping friend,"They say you can wear white after Labor Day.  My mother always said not to."  I proclaimed, "Exactly!  Since when do you do what your mother tells you to do?"   White comes in many hues. The warmer hues can be worn well past Labor Day, or Christmas for that matter.  A beautiful, cozy, white sweater is very fashionable all winter long.

What is your favorite fashion myth to debunk?

I'll choose another five for another post...

Till next time! Beth