Lilac Bijoux

How to Wear Neon

 It's 2012, the 80's are long gone and neon is back! Some of you are running away saying "been there, done that", right?

Think again! Forget about the large tees with big block neon letters. Focus on the DETAILS! A neon bracelet mixed in with your gold and leather wraps. Add a pink neon necklace with your basic white tee and jeans. Buy a top with a neon trim or even a zipper! Most of the time, the small details are what makes you unique. That unexpected look, that only you can create!

Neon is going to stay for a little while longer, so get on the wagon and have fun with it! 

Oh, all the jewels above are available on the website. The sweater $64, is in store only, but don't hesitate to call us. We can ship!

xo, Fern