Lilac Bijoux

Beth's Spills- Short Hair + Earrings

 When my stylist first approached me about cutting my hair short, I was anxious to say the least.  Among my many concerns was "how do I wear earrings?"  I mean, really?

Here are some guidelines:

1.  Always wear earrings.  For starters, try a  small stud for the grocery store, something a little more fun for work, and don't hold back after 5 (I love chandeliers).  Earrings are now an important part of your wardrobe depending on your mood and the style you are embracing.  

2.  Choose earrings based on your face shape and hair color.  For example, if you have a round face, stay away from large round earrings that make your face look rounder. Dangles will give the illusion of a slimmer bone structure.  A slim face can wear an adorable button earring or drops beautifully. And of course, anyone can wear hoops!

3.  Keep your outfit in mind. Don't force your earrings to compete for attention with your outfit.  If your outfit is complicated or especially eye catching, choose a simpler earring style. 

In short, (get it) try new things.  Short hair can give you a pass to be adventurous.  Embrace it.

Until next time,