Lilac Bijoux

Style Buzz- Designer Betty Carre

 We've been working with Betty Carre for 5 years and loving every minute! She is a delightful, super professional, and talented designer.  Betty and Fern struck a friendship right away.  They are both from Brazil, love their country, and are fascinated with colorful precious and semi-precious stones. 

Betty's designs are classic and high quality.  Each piece is carefully handcrafted and designed giving you years of enjoyment.

Her "o rings" are Lilac Bijoux's all time, best selling, gift items.  This fall, the green onyx has been the stellar seller!  Betty's delicate bracelets have been very popular for gift giving as well.  Fashionistas are wearing them in multiples and looking fabulous! 

Betty has some nice things to say about Lilac Bijoux:

"I am honored to see Betty Carre designs at Lilac Bijoux. I visited their Annapolis boutique and was happy to see this charming and elegant environment that make it a one stop shop for all your fashion needs for women of all ages. Fern and Beth not only have exquisite taste and sense of fashion but they are wonderful to work with and are frequently giving us valuable feedback."

Betty shared some great pics of herself and factory workers in Brazil:

Go take a look at Betty's designs.  Comment at the end of this blog post telling us your favorite piece!

xo, Fern & Beth