Lilac Bijoux

Beth's Spills: More Myth Busters

 No minis after 40.  Oh boy. I'm glad I didn't hear this myth until after I hit 40.  Find comfort in yourself no matter what your size or age.  Today I'm wearing my favorite black mini skirt with our grey coat with faux fur collar ($98, in store only). My earrings are Kris Nations Nob Hill, available in orange.


No maxis on short women.  Don't get Fern started on this one.  Maybe a long dress with a big pattern or lots of fabric is not the most flattering piece a petite person can wear, but maxis are for everyone!  Don't fool yourself into thinking otherwise.  Fern slipped on one of our black maxi skirts, just to prove our point (she's 5'1"):

If you wore it once (in your youth), don't wear it again.  Pff.  My mom used to tell me this one.  I think she was trying to prevent me from wearing oversized blazers with big shoulder pads as an adult. (thanks Mom).  

Looking around the store,  I see several fashions that have come back around.  Neon, denim shirts, ponchos, wrap dresses and rose gold (not the tacky, bright stuff from the 1970's, check out our Pilgrim styles).  I wore a wrap dress on Monday a poncho yesterday, and I'm wearing a denim shirt out to dinner tonight.  Sorry, Mom. 

Until next time,