Lilac Bijoux

Fern's Cravings- Garima Dhawan's Designs

 I can admire a chic monochromatic decor, but I could never live in it. I love colors, the more the merrier! I am sure sometimes I may go too far (just ask my husband)...but my motto is "indulge on your passion". Colors are my passion. No wonder I fell for this artist when browsing the website society6. Garima Dhawan can put colors together just the way I would if I knew how. 

I Liked her page on facebook and love seeing her new designs and learning about this great artist. My advice: get her stuff now before she becomes super famous! :) Can't wait to receive the goodies I asked from her for Christmas! I'll share them with you when they arrive! Also thinking of getting a new iphone case. How about you?

xo, Fern