Lilac Bijoux

Beth's Spills- What I've Learned

 Another year is ending.  It's time for me to write my list of things I have learned over the last twelve months, and make a list of promises to myself.  

This year, I decided to share.  Maybe I can inspire someone to start the same tradition.

What I've learned:

If I make the choice, I can.  I can wear that, I can do that, I can be that.
For every darkness, there is light, but sometimes we have to look for it.
If I just listen, I can make a difference.
I am my harshest critic.   Every time I think I'm not doing something good enough, I immediately remind myself of one thing I do better than most.

In 2013, I promise to...

walk slowly, look around, and don't look back.
make five sincere compliments a day.  
find 12 people that have made a difference in my life, and let them know.
seek knowledge from strangers.  You never know who you will meet, or what interesting story they have to share.

Until next year!