Lilac Bijoux

Lilac Bijoux- 2013 Commitments

As 2013 approaches, we have completed our annual lists of "It would be nice", "let's try to do it" and "It's a commitment".  Here are our commitments.

1.  Offer more Made in America Jewelry for both on-line and in store.  Cost usually makes this a challenge, but we know you will support us in our efforts. We will continue to work with our local designers to expand their lines and include exclusive designs for Lilac Bijoux. 

2. Enhance our clothing for the store.  Spring is the best season to introduce new clothing lines.  Based on our customer's comments, we are meeting with designers that can offer us more "casual chic occassion outfits".  We love seeing photos of you wearing our tops on vacation, or our dresses to weddings and parties.  Keep 'em coming!

On a personal note,  we continue to evolve as individuals (or at least we think we do!). 

Beth has commited to writing again.  It's been a long time since she put pen to paper.  Life got in the way of her great American novel.

Fern is planning to take yoga twice a week (ok, maybe 3 times).  She looks forward to the physical and spiritual benefits that will bring to her daily life.  Beth can't wait to see her in her yoga ensemble...

A new year is beginning and business is strong. Social media is a wonderful tool that has brought us closer to our customers and makes our jobs even more enjoyable!

Thank you for taking time, during your busy day, to read our blog, shop the website, and check our facebook or twitter posts.

Here's to an amazing 2013 for all of us!

xo, Fern & Beth