Lilac Bijoux

Fern's Cravings- Pantone Colors

Yes, I get giddy with excitement waiting for Pantone to announce the colors for each season. I analyze each of them, and imagine them in clothing, jewelry, home decor and how will Daphna, our graphic designer, incorporate them in our ads, emails, logo, etc. 

On a previous post, I told you Emerald is the color for 2013. Perfection. Gorgeous. Anyone can wear it.

Here are the Spring 2013 beauties:

This is how I do it: I choose the ones I will wear more, in this case Monaco, Poppy, Emerald and Dusk Blue. Adding the other ones as my pops - scarves, jewelry, vests, cardis, shoes, belts, handbags. Go ahead, choose your main colors and pops. Of course whites, grays and black will always be great canvases for all of the above. And no, this is just for fun, I don't keep these colors in my pocket, lol!

Beth and I will keep them in mind next week when we go to NYC for our first Spring buying trip. 

We are starting the new year strong and decided to go with the emerald for our logo. What do you think? We are loving it!

Happy Emerald Year Everyone!

xo, Fern