Lilac Bijoux

Fern's Cravings- Sienna Bangle

I remember a couple of years ago when I could not wear bangles, I hated typing with them on. Look at me now, 4 or 5 bangles deep and not a peep! Nope, don't even feel them. Amazing the changes we make in the name of fashion. If I could only love exercising as much!

My new favorite bangle is the chic and blingy Marlyn Schiff Sienna (here). Comes in gold and silver. I've been wearing it in many different ways, here are some of my latest concoctions:

Marlyn Sienna Bangle (here) plus Marlyn Maple Bangle in Blush (here)

3 Marlyn Sienna Bangles (here)

Marlyn Adele Bangle (here), Marlyn Elephants Cuff (here) and Marlyn Sienna Bangle

xo, Fern