Lilac Bijoux

Beth's Spills- To the Max!

The maxi dress is fast becoming a staple in every woman's wardrobe.    I don't know about you, but I am ready to put my tights and coats away and bring  my favorite dresses from last year back into the light of my closet. 

Last year we heard over and over, "I can't wear a maxi because (fill in the blank with your best excuse)."  I say, not true.  There is a maxi dress or skirt to compliment every size and shape.  I promise.

So this year, as you look to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe, try a maxi, actually, try several.  Just because the first one you try on is not destined to become your new fav, the second one or the third one you try just might. Here are some of our new arrivals, and we have the perfect jewels to match them up. As usual, apparel is in store only. Call, we love to chat and ship! 410-263-3309

Navy Maxi $44, Kerisma Sweater $44, Marlyn Blush Bangle (here), Sienna Bangle (here), C&C Studs Bracelet (here), Yellow Clutch in store $48

Aqua Maxi $58, Loren Hope Samba Necklace (here)

Gray Maxi $44, Leda Reis Turquoise and Gold Filled Necklaces $48 each are made in store and one-of-a-kind, call to order 410-263-3309.

Until next time,