Lilac Bijoux

Beth's Spills- What the Heck is a Tunic?

Tunic, we often throw the word around, but not everyone can identify one when they see it in the store. 

There is a long definition of 'tunic' on Wikipedia, but the short answer is:  it's whatever you need it to be.  I stand 5' 3.5" tall.  A tunic typically hits me just below my finger tips with my arms at my side. 

In flats, a tunic is my favorite summer dress.  A belt or a scarf can be added to bring a little definition to my waist.   In heels, (the higher the heel, the closer to God) I can be as tall as 5' 9".  Then, my cute dress transforms magically into my favorite tunic!  Paired with my favorite pair of straight jeans, I am ready for a wild and crazy night out...which usually ends by 10. 

Still not sure if it's a tunic?  I say, it is, if you want it to be!

Glam Tie-dye Tunic/Dress $64 (in store only), Uptown Girls Sybal Necklace (here)

Ya Lace Dress/Tunic $54 in store only. 

Glam Zig Zag Dress/Tunic $68, Uptown Girls Earrings (here)

You know the drill, call, we love to chat and ship! 410-263-3309

Until next time!