Lilac Bijoux

Fern's Cravings- Indian Bangles

 It's no news that I crave colors. It's my Brazilian side- I live for colors, hues, shades, rainbows, I love it all! That is why every time I see the Rosena Sammi booth at the NY shows, I smile big and run to it. I absolutely get a kick out of picking out the bangle color combos, I would buy them all if I could!

They arrived last week and here are the concoctions I already put together:

Pink & Yellow from Ambar Set (here) Stripes from Stripes Set (here) C&C Oval Links (here)

Mix with Ambar Set on top right (here) and Stripes set on bottom right (here)

Blue bangle from Stripes Set (here) and Loren Hope Sophia Cuff (here)

Solid Set (here)

xo, Fern